Benchmarks Of Many ARM Boards From The Raspberry Pi To... - - For some weekend benchmarking fun, I compared the Jetson TX2 that NVIDIA released this weekend with their ARM 64-bit "Denver 2" CPU cores paired with four Cortex-A57...

openSUSE Leap 42.2 gets 64-bit Raspberry Image - - The latest release from openSUSE has new images available for the Raspberry Pi and joins SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Raspberry Pi in becoming the initial...

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Out for Raspberry Pi 3,... - - The release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2 is not the only thing SUSE Linux fans should get excited about today, as a community member published a very...

Linux on ARMLinus Torvalds released Linux 4.9 on Sunday - Linux 4.8 brought us an HDMI-CEC framework, a new kernel documentation system is now based on Sphinx, a user-space GPIO subsystem and tools, file systems improvements and more.

Some interesting ARM architecture fixes and new features -  Allwinner:

  • Allwinner GR8 – Preliminary SoC support
  • Allwinner AXP209 PMIC – GPIO support
  • Allwinner A31 – SPDIF support
  • Allwinner A23/A33 and A31/A31s – sunxi-ng CCU driver
  • Allwinner A33 – Display Driver
  • Allwinner A64 – USB PHY support
  • Allwinner H3 – PWM support, I2C support
  • AXP806 PMIC – regulator support
  • AC100 RTC / codec IC – mfd driver, RTC driver
  • New boards and devices – Orange Pi PC Plus, Olimex A33-OLinuXino, Orange Pi Lite, Inet q972, Empire Electronix M712, Orange Pi Plus 2, Orange Pi Plus 2E, NanoPi NEO.


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Linux on ARM