Linux on ARMThis video introduces C and C++ programming on the Beaglebone platform, which is applicable to any embedded Linux development. I quickly introduce how we can program directly on the beaglebone using a terminal window and point out the limitations.

I show the steps that are necessary to set up the Eclipse CDT environment and use the Target Management RSE (Remote System Environment) plugin to communicate with the Beaglebone. I then demonstrate how we can use Eclipse CDT IDE to cross-develop (using arm-linux-gnueabi) applications for the ARM architecture. To do this, I write a short program that flashes the user LEDs on the Beaglebone. Finally, I demonstrate how we can set up a cross-debug environment, where we use gdbserver on the arm device and gdb-multiarch on the client device to establish a full debug environment...

Beaglebone: C/C++ Programming Introduction for ARM Embedded Linux Development using Eclipse CDT - YouTube

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Linux on ARM